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Dovile Kietzmann

UX Designer & Architect

Empathy is my Design Impulse.

About Me


For more than 15 years I’ve been supporting companies on the challenging
path of digital transformation, helping to create a healthy, sustainable and scalable process for developing digital products, with focus on e-commerce.

My goals and responsibilities are fostering an environment in which methodologies like Design Thinking and Customer Centric Development can be adapted and implemented. Enabling & improving high quality storytelling, supporting stakeholders, PO teams, UI execution and testing teams to grow in agile processes.

I’m a teamplayer with experience in international and multicultural approach.


Personal Statement & Motivation

It drives me to design & enable a sustainable Ideation Process.

I love to increase motivation, productivity and
satisfaction of teams by using what we know about customers’ behavior and solving their problems together.

With passion I deliver UX design assignments with leadership & a hands-on approach.

Those terms describes my personality best:

curiosity, immersion, creativity, analytics, empathy, loyalty, passion, aesthetics, bravery.

Roles & Skills


UX Architect

I create strong, smart concepts to bring understanding to problems of high complexity.


UX Designer

I develop first-class solution ideas using a variety of methods. I help teams to understand the user's pain points and desires.


UI Designer

I improve the quality of storytelling in the final steps of ideation. I create pragmatic as well as creative solutions with an awareness of corporate design.

Get in Touch

I'm located in Hamburg/Lütjensee, Germany

+49 171 3567763

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Resume & work history description available upon request.

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